Sunday, August 16, 2009

Music to everyone's ears!

I have been extremely fascinated by the myriad social media platforms that have come up. A whole lot of these are ofcourse quite avoidable but once in a while there is something that completely sweeps me off my feet. is one such site. answers the question - " What song do you want to play?" Simply put, It allows users to turn DJs and play their favorite songs. These songs appear on the user's profile as well as on a public timeline (similar to Twitter) So if you logged in to your account you would see a timeline of all the blips from people across the world; in effect giving you an access to the most diverse music collection you could have imagined!

But that's not all. Besides listening to the songs, you also get to enjoy the videos as has an integrated Youtube feature!

Here is a list of "what else" you can do-
  1. Create your own playlist. Simply click on the "Home" tab and listen ( and watch) all the songs that you have Blipped. These songs (Blips) also appear on the public timeline so that others get to know the kind of music you are listening to and enjoy it too.
  2. Search other DJs (users) with similar music tastes and listen to their playlists
  3. Link your Blips to you blog. Every time you Blip, your blog gets updated! A treat to your readers :)
  4. Publish your Blips directly on your Twitter timelines , Facebook updates or Friendfeed accounts
  5. Dedicate songs to other users
The fact that is built on the Twitter platform makes it extremely simple and a delight to use.

There's much more, but it's more fun to find it out yourself :) I would say - TRY IT!

The Wah Man

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